When it comes to fitness, it’s hard to beat what NoMad has to offer. Residents of 88 & 90 Lexington’s NoMad condos enjoy convenient access to boutique spin classes, yoga, trampoline, barre, Pilates, HIIT workouts, aerobics, and boot camps.

If you’re a fan of the more popular names in fitness, 88 & 90 Lex is just 2 blocks from Equinox Gramercy and 3 blocks from SoulCycle.

And this is all in addition 88 & 90 Lexington’s state-of-the-art fitness center, which is raising the bar for in-home studios and gyms altogether. If you’re prioritizing fitness in your search for a new luxury condo, consider some of our favorite fitness options right in the neighborhood:

Shen Tao Studio

Shen Tao is a beautiful, serene studio that offers an array of classes. They are widely known for their ballet lessons, which include not only dance instruction but conditioning for ballet. Shen Tao also offers trampoline yoga and one- and two-hour special conditioning classes. The studio is filled with equipment you won’t find anywhere else, and, as a result, the fitness experience is truly one-of-a-kind.

Tapout Fitness

Maybe a zen workout isn’t your thing; instead, take a look at high-intensity boxing, spin, and interval training classes at Tapout. Tapout features a wide array of classes all aimed at providing an energetic and fun fitness experience. One night you could attend Zumba; the next could be cycling, or boot camp, or even “Insanity,” the max-interval class that is not for the faint of heart. The bottom line: if you’re looking to get that heart pumping, Tapout is a great choice.

Gramercy Pilates NYC

Gramercy Pilates is one of the most dynamic Pilates studios in the city. They provide 12 different classes that range from straightforward beginner, intermediate, and advanced, to butt camp class, EXO chair class, prenatal Pilates, Pilates for back pain, and even Pilates for “text necks.” Yes, that last one is a class specifically designed to combat neck and back pain related to smartphone usage—and people love it.

Barry’s Bootcamp

The famed Barry’s Bootcamp has a studio right around the block from 88 & 90 Lexington’s NoMad condos. The classes are designed to target every muscle: each class during the week targets a specific muscle group, while weekend classes are full-body events. If you’re serious about getting into great shape, Barry’s Bootcamp will do the trick. It’s intense, but the trainers are great motivators, and the vibe is tough but nurturing. If you want a challenge, give this a serious try.

The Fitness Center at 88 & 90 Lexington

By far the most convenient option of them all—given that it is located right at home—the fitness center at 88 & 90 Lex is filled with high-end machines, free weights, spin bikes, various areas for private training and small group classes, a steam room, and a sauna. Let’s not forget the 60 foot pool that’s perfect for taking a relaxing soak or getting your laps in.

It’s hard to imagine a luxury residence with a more robust menu of fitness options, just downstairs or around the corner. So if your workout routine is a top priority, 88 & 90 Lexington can help you save time with its conveniences, switch things up with its variety, and reach new levels of fitness with elite training and equipment.


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