Blog: Rocking Out at Gramercy Theatre

Designed by Charles A. Sandblom and opened in 1937, the Gramercy Theatre is a Manhattan gem. Over the years, the artistically and culturally significant institution has transformed from a movie theater and art house to an off-Broadway playhouse and, finally, to its current incarnation as a hard-hitting concert venue.

Three blocks north, 88 & 90 Lexington’s new condos are delightfully contemporary, pairing well with the Gramercy Theatre’s rock & roll sensibilities, and NoMad residents with a penchant for distorted guitars will find themselves returning to the Gramercy Theatre again and again. Here, we look at some of the wildest shows booked for this summer.


Okilly Dokilly, June 2nd


You could easily mistake this act for a sardonic piece of performance art ready to accept a Tuesday night residency in a Bushwick warehouse. And yet, Okilly Dokilly is headlining the Gramercy Theatre on a Friday night. This metal band is inspired by (we are not making this up) Simpsons character Ned Flanders, with every member sporting the non-so-inimitable Flandersian uniform: glasses, green sweaters, pink button-downs, and bristly mustaches. Even if metal isn’t your cup of tea, the sheer novelty of Okilly Dokilly is worth the price of admission, and you won’t find this kind of musical weirdness anywhere else on this side of the East River.


Sister Hazel, July 20th


For a blast from the past that is sure to please almost any musical palate, check out Sister Hazel, who topped the charts in the 90s with an infectious blend of southern rock, folk, and pop. You probably know their hits “All for You” and “Happy,” but even the deepest of cuts are inherently optimistic and wonderfully melodic. Snag a ticket soon if you’re looking for a fun weeknight date activity or a nostalgia trip that doesn’t take you far from your NoMad apartment.


Pink Talking Fish, August 4th If you’re in tune with New York City’s music scene, you are likely aware of the impending dreadlock invasion scheduled for much of the summer: Phish’s Baker’s Dozen residency will see them playing 13 shows at Madison Square Garden. Even if jam bands may not be your scene (we certainly wouldn’t blame you!), Phish’s presence this summer means that nearly every other venue will be upping its game with afterparty concerts. At the Gramercy Theatre, you can catch the one-of-a-kind Pink Talking Fish, who mix up covers of Pink Floyd, Talking Heads, and Phish to create a uniquely psychedelic experience. If you like one, two, or all three of their weirdly connecting source bands, this show is not to be missed!

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