Interest in wine, and the desire for a greater understanding of its mysteries, has been on the rise for decades in the US. Specialty wine shops and tasting rooms are evidence of this popularity and of the seriousness of the wine-consuming public. The neighborhood around Gramercy, NoMad and the Flatiron District offers some of the best options in New York City for procuring superb wines while also expanding one’s knowledge base of vintages, vineyards, and terroir.

Bottlerocket Wine & Spirit (5 West 19th Street) One word: delivery. In a pinch, Bottlerocket Wine & Spirit will bring wine to your door. They also have an enormous selection of wines from around the world, plus a very knowledgeable staff to help with food pairings and recommendations based on customers’ preference. The bottles at Bottlerocket are categorized by both country and each wine’s best culinary counterpart, which provides an extremely easy shopping experience rarely found in larger shops.

Flatiron Wine and Spirits (929 Broadway) Flatiron Wine and Spirits is decidedly smaller than Bottlerocket, but what it lacks in size it more than makes up for in discernment. Nowhere else in the area will you find a selection as refined as the one here. Many of Flatiron’s wines originate from smaller, lesser-known wineries around the globe as the store specializes in bringing hidden gems to the table. Flatiron is the place to find the wine that your friends have never heard of or tasted…until you pour it for them. 

Vin Sur Vingt (1140 Broadway) Vin Sur Vignt is one of The Big Apple’s best little wine bars. It’s small and cozy, with an atmosphere that seems to mirror the quality and subtlety of the wines served here. You’ll only find bottles from French producers here, and accordingly the ambiance at Vin Sur Vingt is elegant and quaint, but never stuffy. In addition to their meticulously cultivated wine list, they have quite an extensive fromage selection and offer finely chosen wine and cheese pairings that are an experience unto themselves. A short walk from a Gramercy condo can lead one to an experience that feels like a momentary visit to Bordeaux.

Wined Up Wine Bar (913 Broadway) Wined Up Wine Bar has a selection that could rival any in the city. Their famous “wine wall” features more than 150 vintage wines from all over the world. And their wine list—very much in the same fashion as Flatiron Wine and Spirits—focuses on the smaller, lesser-known wineries throughout the globe. A sharp and romantic aesthetic permeates the space, creating the perfect atmosphere for discovering that next great wine. A tapas tasting menu gives Wined Up a Spanish twist, and you’ll also find savory accompaniments like tuna tartar, Korean fried chicken, and sesame fried calamari if you arrive with an appetite.

Wine culture in NYC continues to grow, and the residents of Gramercy condos are keenly aware of this. Most new condos at 88 and 90 Lexington Ave. were even constructed with built-in under-counter wine refrigerators that can house 46 bottles at varying temperatures to ensure freshness and  aging, if desired. It’s clear that wine, and the high interest that surrounds it, isn’t going anywhere soon. New York City wine shops around Gramercy and the Flatiron District directly reflect this in their myriad approaches to not only selling wine, but in educating their patrons on the fine art of enjoying it.

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